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Grandparent’s Day is Today

September 13, 2009 in Family, Friendship, Weblogs

85 There are countless ways that Grandparents contribute to the raising of our collective kids – by baking cookies together, having overnight slumber parties, taking them on a special trip, lots of babysitting, helping out with expenses, reading stories, tolerating lots of messes, outings to the park, clapping louder than anyone at the recital and sitting through countless animated movies.

Even though they usually don’t require it, any bit of thanks is usually appreciated.

Remember to send your Grandparent a little “Thanks” on this Grandparent’s Day.


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June 25, 2009 in Friendship, Sports, Staff, Weblogs

Tom_Work Tom Harlow is our Graphics Manager and has been working with me and my team for a decade now. He is our expert when it comes to the computer and if it can be figured out, Tom will figure it out. Tom has that wonderful right brain, left brain balance of creativity and logic. He does lots of great fabric designing or as he describes, "I take art and create "stuff" with it." In addition to that he does all our digital photography for our books and designing of our website.

KayakThe LED name abbreviation on the phone in our Photo Studio reads Photostud - so we have nicknamed Tom our "Photo Stud!" He loves the title and it seems appropriate since he is the only guy in the Art Studio. Luckily he copes pretty well with all the estrogen and brings us the guy’s perspective when needed.

Tom and his lovely wife Kim are the proud parents of three rambunctious boys, ages 6 to 11. So you can only imagine how lively that household is. Tom is the Dad of all Dads’. He coaches some of their sports teams and is very involved in every aspect of their lives. Tom's watch alarm goes off everyday at the time when each of them was born. isn't that just the sweetest thing! Tom and his boys are all big sports fans and when Tom isn't watching his boys play, he loves to watch college and professional sports. Like any good local - he loves Gonzaga basketball!

P1000166Tom is also a music fanatic and relies on iTunes to keep him up to date. His musical taste is very diverse and at anytime he may be listening to anyone from Nickelback to Elton John, Pink to Alison Krauss, or the Beatles to the newest Alternative Pop group. He has recently been to concerts by Sarah Bareilles, Jason Mraz, Rush and Nickelback.

OurFamilyTom is generally known around these parts as just a really good guy. He would help out anyone with anything if you just ask him. He has rescued me on several occasions with things I needed help with around the house. When he’s not assisting someone else, he always keeps busy with a whole assortment of do-it-yourself projects and home and yard improvements.

You can always count on Tom for a kind word, support and occasionally out of left field he'll zing you with his slightly twisted humor.

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Christmas Cards — The Easy Way!

December 18, 2008 in Christmas, Holidays, Technology, Weblogs

GCtop Even if you are one of the organized ones who mailed Christmas Cards this year you can still send an extra little Holiday Greeting using easy to send e-cards. The beauty of e-cards is that it takes just a few minutes, they’re FREE and you can say Happy Holidays to anyone (even work associates or Facebook friends) as long as you have their email address. The cool thing is you can send multiples at one time too. Remember, the greatest gift is spreading kindness.



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