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Best Movie I’ve Seen in Ages

August 17, 2009 in Books, Food and Drink, Movies, Television

Julia-child-with-rolling-pins Julia After seeing the movie, Julie & Julia this weekend, I have decided that I have a new role model in Julia Child. In fact I’ve been walking around the house saying “Bon Appetit!” in a very high pitched voice followed by a little chortle. Just that in itself seems to elevate my mood. Amy I may even decide to start wearing pearls. The movie was probably the most charming and inspiring piece of film that I have seen in some time. Not to mention, it was laugh out loud funny throughout. Meryl Streep just keeps getting better and better – in fact the entire cast was entirely engaging. (that Amy Adams is a doll!) I will see this one again and again. So, if you haven’t seen it yet, (in my humble opinion) - it’s a must-see!


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The World’s Gone MAD

August 8, 2009 in Family, Friendship, Television

 WorldsGoneMad I know I have anyway. The countdown in underway on my calendar for the Premiere of Mad Men’s Season Three and it’s only one week away!  If you’re a Mad Men Fan (like I obviously am), be sure to set your DVR, TiVo, VCR (or whatever) to AMC, Sunday, August 16 at 10:00pm.

Mad-men-season3-hed Murphy, Anna and I have already made plans for our Premiere Party. We’ll make a 60’s meal – I’m thinking a Tuna Casserole dish and maybe I’ll try one of the Old Fashions that Don Draper is always drinking. However, we have all agreed that there will be no chain smoking! If you have Comcast, you can catch up right now on all the Season Two episodes on On Demand.

DebbieAvatar Or, you may need to call in sick on Monday, August 10 to watch the all-day Mad Med Marathon on AMC.

For even more fun go to this link

I did it and turned it into my screensaver while I count down the days to August 16. Go Mad!

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May 21, 2009 in Current Affairs, Television


Our office group got together for a FINALE Party and WHEE what a fun show and surprise results! I was a big Kris fan and voted like crazy for him after the final performance night. After hearing his first song that night my text campaign to friends was “Ain’t No Sunshine if HE’s gone – Vote for KRIS!”

6a00d8341bf6c153ef01156f6508b8970c-800wi How fun would it be to be a producer on that show and come up with ideas for the duets. Kris and Keith Urban was a great pairing. I thought Kris could learn some good moves from Keith. When Adam came out in those 12 inch platform boots and the crazy shoulder apparatus we knew we were in for something – we all screamed with delight when KISS joined him on stage. I loved how relaxed Kris and Adam seemed when they sang “We are the Champions.” Even though it was certainly more of an Adam song, they were both great performing it together with Queen. How apropos. It was surprisingly Old School when it came to some of the guest stars like Rod Stewart, Steve Martin, Lionel Ritchie, Carlos Santana & Gene Simmons. But I did hear the other day that the median age for American Idol viewers is 43. (which is 11 years older than the median age when the show started) 

I thought Norman Gentle was a crack up and my, oh my that Bikini girl had gone through a few changes. Even though most of those appearances looked completely staged (Tatiana!); Bikini Girl did look pretty shocked (and annoyed) when Kara showed up to upstage her.

I thought the talent this season was amazing and I downloaded a CD of songs from iTunes that I love. Alison and Danny were fantastic and I had “mad love” for Adam’s interpretation of “Mad World.” But all in all, Kris was my FAV and I’m thrilled he won. Until next year………….

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Top 13!

March 6, 2009 in Television

Ai Yeah~~ Finally!…….we are through the audition process and onto the real competition. I found my interest waning a bit throughout the last couple weeks with so many mediocre performances. I did keep reminding myself that this was still auditions. The Wild Card show last night was the best so far, probably because this group had risen to the top through the process. Well, with one possible exception. I think you know who I mean ~ Tatiana, of course. I can’t decide if she had “upped” her medication or if she forgot to take it entirely. Certainly, she was there for the drama of it all. And that girl’s got drama!


Simon I’m happy that my favorite from last night, Matt (the bluesy guy) made it. And I did love the twist at the end when Anoop, with head down started to depart the stage when Simon called him back and announced that this year it was going to be a Top 13 and Anoop was in. He’s so cute. They did say they were going to change it up this year and it does make it more fun to have a few surprises. We’ll start our Office Pool next week which always adds to the fun. Hope my FAVS do well.
Go Danny! Go Matt!

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Hollywood Week on A.I.

February 5, 2009 in Television


Now that American Idol is back I’ve noticed my winter blues are starting to subside. Over here in Spokane, we have been following intently because one of the stars of the audition shows is a local girl. Quirky, but cute Rose Flack lives in Rathdrum, ID about 30 miles from Spokane. Even Simon was taken by her and uncharacteristically said “There’s something about you that I absolutely love.” After watching the “Group” show (what drama!) last night though, it seemed her chances were doomed by being grouped with “Bikini Girl.” Now she’s a piece of work. It’s not hard to imagine that anyone would crack under those conditions and Rose certainly suffered and was ultimately cut. Well, it was fun while it lasted

Danny One of the stand-outs for me is Danny Gokey (whose young wife recently passed away) because he is SO good, is cute (like a younger Robert Downey, Jr!), sweet and sincere, has overcome personal tragedy and his best friend Jamar is at his side. Jamar is great too. The pretty boy rocker with straight black hair certainly caught my attention too. Everyone at the office is excited to watch it all play out. Are you watching?? Any favorites?

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Mad about Men!

September 20, 2008 in Television

Madmen1 Obsessed is what I am…..with the TV show “MAD MEN.” I first discovered the show when I was recovering from my appendectomy earlier this summer and I’ve become an avid fan and trying to convert everyone I know to watch. The show is a period piece set in the early 1960’s about the advertising industry and the men and women who worked in it. The creator is fanatical about everything from the costumes to all the set props being authentic to the period. The level of smoking and drinking that went on during work hours as well as the double standards between men and women are pretty shocking. It’s amazing how much our culture has changed in a seemingly short period of time. Madmen2The characters and their relationships are complex and fascinating. I’ve since bought the first season on DVD and the commentaries by the creator, actors and designers shed even more light onto issues of the time as well as insight into the characters.

I have a variety of people that I discuss the show with (we may need to start a Mad Men Anonymous program soon). Because there are so many levels to the show, it is always enlightening to compare notes with other devotees. We all have different perspectives and catch different nuances and are moved by different experiences and sensitivities of the characters. Season Two has proven to be a little darker than the first season, but peeling away some of the surface layers of the characters and witnessing the unraveling has got me sucked in even more. I believe the level of acting is so nuanced and rare for a television series. I have my DVR set for Sunday night to see how many Emmy’s the show rakes in after being nominated for 16. I’m on the edge of my seat awaiting the next episode…..

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True Loyalties revealed

March 19, 2008 in Television


OK, last night was a major dilemma. There was a programming conflict between American Idol and Dancing with the Stars. There was a one hour overlap of the two shows. I discussed my concerns at the office yesterday and Tom pointed out that it was like having a Date with two men on the same night! Something like a plot from an old “Three’s Company” episode – one date is in the kitchen and the other is in the living room being distracted by the antics of “Jack.” I thought that was a great analogy but unfortunately since my personal life is more about my TV addictions than dating – it’s also kind of tragic. I don’t know – maybe that is fortunate – not that I really date - but when I’m on a date that sucks – I find myself longing to be home in my PJ’s watching TV.

Anyway, back to my point. I do love both shows and in fact may be clinically “addicted.” So last night was the true test of where my strongest loyalty lied. American Idol had an advantage because it started an hour earlier – so I was deeply sucked in by the time 9:00 rolled around. (my one redeeming activity of the evening was that I got in a 50 minute(!) work-out on the Treadmill while staring at the TV)

I thought maybe I could switch back and forth during commercials – but luck would have it that they seemed to be in commercial at the same time. So that strategy failed…

I think what ultimately swayed me was I needed to be able to make a completely informed decision for our American Idol “pool” at the office the next morning. We are putting a buck on our guess each week for who will get “the boot.” So American Idol won out. Luckily I caught the last 30 min of Dancing after A.I. was over (Pricilla Presley did surprisingly well!).

This week I have to put my dollar on Kristy Lee Cook to go. After being “tested” in this way – even without the “pool” – I realized American Idol would have won out. As I re-read this blog so far I also realized that it has about the same “depth” as most reality shows these days. Apparently, I’m sinking to a new cultural low. Me and about 30 million other people!

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A.I. is back!

February 25, 2008 in Television

10_2 The void in my life is being filled again. The sad part of that is the void is being filled with Simon's cynicism and devilish grins, Randy's flip "street-talk," and Paula's mysterious analogies. But somehow, I'm still "hooked." At least when we're at the point in the show now where we get to watch people who can actually sing. (past173301_2 the painful auditions) Even though the judges make me crazy and the contestants are subjected to humiliation courtesy of Simon's whims - I still watch - and now in High Def! You can read the pain on their faces when it's Simon's turn to pass judgment - I get so nervous for them. And I actually yelled at Simon through my TV screen last week when he told the kid who got the boot that he shouldn't pursue a music career. Talk about kicking someone when they're down and then mak e him sing through his devastation. I can  imagine former contestants forming support groups for Post Traumatic American Idol Syndrome. (a new disorder is in the making)
29115_5 But the biggest contest in the world is back on and I once again am fulfilled on some level that was missing during the show's hiatus. 
I haven't got all their names down yet and don't have all my favorites determined (it can change from week to week!) - but pretty soon they will be household names and will provide satisfying Watercooler fodder at the office. 
I will say that the 17 year old kid named David charmed me with his first performance. Oh, and the hottie from Australia certainly got my attention. 
Let the games begin!

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Video how-to: Holiday Decorating

December 6, 2007 in Television

My recent appearance on KXLY's Good Morning Northwest demonstrating Holiday Centerpieces, Gift and Decorating Projects.

Snow Daze Table Runner and Polka Dot Napkins
Fleece Throw and Pillow
Fabric Covered Gift Boxes

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The Big Dance-"Off"

November 27, 2007 in Television

DancingabcI was traveling and multitasking the last two weeks of “Dancing” – but still watching faithfully (even though not blogging about it.) I had all the ladies over last night for Turkey Soup, salad and Dancingblogimage_9 wine and to watch the big Dance Finale. And, it was kind of a bust! The best word I could come up with to describe the show was “awkward.” Typically the Free Style has been the big dance event of the evening – but with the exception of Helio – they seemed a little weird. Maybe Mel and Marie were a little “danced” out – we can only imagine how exhausted they must be. Thank goodness for Helio’s final dance – I think it saved the show.

Having watched the entire season – in my humble opinion, I still believe the Mel was the best dancer of the season. And Helio is a close second for combining charismatic showmanship and technique. I guess we’ll find out tonight. It will be good to have a little break now for the Holiday until American Idol starts up. Phew!

(Oh, and Julianne and Maksim – best professional competitors of the season too!)

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What’s with all the Kissing?

November 6, 2007 in Television

DancingabcApparently that’s the sure way to the Judges hearts now. That big red juicy one that Marie planted on Len seemed to pay off anyway. I thought she came back really strong this week – her Boogie-Woogie Bugle Boy Quick-Step (in uniform!) was darling. She does have an amazing smile. And that weight loss is impressive.

Helio also has magic in that smile. I thought his dances were great – especially the Latin number. (I thought he would have gotten at least one “10” for that dance)

Everyone is looking so good and svelte! – Mel B in her Latin dance costume was the most amazing of the night (maybe the season). What a show stopper!! She could go all the way. They totally earned three 10’s on that one.2096932blog

Jennie has been very consistent – her personality isn’t the “wow” that some of the others are – but she is a beautiful dancer. Her arm extensions are so lovely and graceful. 

Aside from admiring those big muscles and his physique – I think Cameron’s boyishness and his earnest sincerity are his most charming qualities. He’s working so hard!!

TONIGHT’s TOP 3 Favorites:
1.  Mel B
2.  Jennie
3.  Helio

Loved the Cheetah tattoos that everyone showed in support for Sabrina. Way to go!!

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Sabrina was robbed!

October 31, 2007 in Television

Dwtslogo100The results show tonight were shocking! I had envisioned Jane and Marie in the bottom two - and neither of them made it. (lucky for them!) To see Sabrina not make the cut to move on, was quite a shock. To me, she seemed like the clear front runner! Who can figure out the fickle tastes of the voters! Oh, Len!

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Keep on Smiling, Helio!

October 30, 2007 in Television

DancingabcI was most concerned this week for Marie. If I was her, I would feel apprehensive about fainting again. And (I think intentionally) her routine had her on the floor a lot. That was a little unsettling. However, the whole incident hasn’t done her career any harm – she’s received an enormous amount of media attention. (not to mention, Donny too)

I thought Carrie Ann (the judge) was the luckiest girl of the night because Maksim gave her a little kiss at the end of their routine. We all squealed with envy! And it certainly paid off since Maks and Mel got triple 10’s for their dance.  Dancing_couple

The group dance was lively and entertaining – Highlight was seeing Sabrina flip her partner – She’s a determined little thing! (Didn’t you think Jane Seymour looked like Suzanne Somers in her platinum blonde wig!?)

FAVS of the Night:
Tied for first place (for me) - Helio and Jennie

1.  Helio made his comeback – Yeah! And he came back as “Get Smart!” He totally reminded me of Don Adams from Get Smart in his costume. Keep on smiling, Helio! – It’s workin’ for ya!

1.  Jennie – She managed to accomplish cute and sexy in the same routine. If there hadn’t been that one little flub – I think she would have gotten some 10 scores.

2.  Mel B – Even though the judges thought her routine was perfect – it wasn’t quite the show stopper that the others were. She may surpass everyone, who knows. The “I hate you, I love you” chemistry between her and Maks is a crack-up!

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A first on “Dancing”

October 23, 2007 in Television

Oh my, the show started out with major drama. Marie fainted after her dance! She was laughing and breathing weird and then all the sudden, “plunk!” It was kind of shocking. Poor thing.
I was invited to a “Dancing” get together last night and was watching (not exercising!) with 4 other ladies. We all just looked at each other in shock with our mouths hanging open. So, it was cute...the ladies I was with were learning to crochet, but the teacher didn’t make it. So, they were struggling with their “butt’s” – I’m not sure if that was official terminology or not. By the way, our hostess made a wonderful Chicken Tortilla Soup. She shared the recipe with me, so I will share with you too. (see next blog)

So, back to the show. Dancing
I noticed they didn’t give Marie any sympathy votes for fainting on Live Television. But her dance was off. In fact, many seemed off tonight. Including being shook up after the “Marie Incident,” there was also much distraction with the huge fires that were burning in nearby Malibu. But I noticed there were a lot of celebs in the audience anyway.
My FAVS of the night were:

1.  Cameron – he was “smoldering!” Good heavens, he has come a long way. It was cute how he was concerned about his wife’s reaction to all the comments about how sexy the chemistry was. He shouted out, “I love my Wife!”

2.  Mel B – Not that she was doing bad before, but she had one of the best performances of the night. Even though it’s hard to remember to watch her – because you can hardly take your eyes off of Maksim.

3.  Sabrina – more “hot” chemistry there. After their dance, I blurted to the girls, “Get a Room!” and put it in my notes. Right after that the host made the same proclamation.

I must conclude in saying, as cute as Kim’s “I Dream of Jeannie” costume was, I don’t think even that will save Mark Cuban from going home next. I think it’s his turn.

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My quick “Dancing” synopsis:

October 16, 2007 in Television

I missed Jane and Floyd – I got an unexpected phone call. I should know better than to answer the phone during DWTS! I’m amazed how incredibly well everyone is doing. Right now it looks like the competition is for 2nd and 3rd place.

Tonight’s FAV’s:

I’m sure Jane would have been on the list if I had seen her. 

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I just love Jane!

October 10, 2007 in Television

The obsession in the U.S. seems to be growing for this show - every move of the celebs and dancers seems to be fodder for entertainment TV and mags everywhere. I heard Tony (Jane Seymour's partner) interviewed  on the radio this morning. He clarified that there was nothing but a professional partnership between Maks and Mel B and that part of dancing is to make it look they are "in love." (of course, what else would he  say!) Other tidbits of critical information he shared: The packages on the first show when they show them meeting their partners is the moment they both learn who their partner is for the season. The professional  dancer's get paid for how long they are on the show - so they have extra incentive to keep their celebs competing.

DancingabcSo, Wow! - the dancers raised the bar pretty high already - particularly the ladies! Everyone was impressive (and slimmer too), if not with their dancing, at least with their costume. Speaking of which, I thought Wayne Newton was quite dashing in his Gaucho costume and ponytail. Maksim looked quite amazing too when he tore his shirt away! Jennie Garth showed off great gams with high kicks and her big comeback. For some reason I get weepy when I watch Jane Seymour - her grace and her heart eminate such beauty. Her emotional and intense performance of the tango was impressive too. You can tell Tony just loves her. 

Top Favs of the Night

Jane (the oldest)

Sabrina (the youngest)

Mel B (the spunkiest) Well that's a toss up between her and Marie

And all the other ladies

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"Dancing" Synopsis by Debbie

October 2, 2007 in Television

Oh my gosh - 2 hours of Dancing with the Stars - The only way to rationalize this will be if I multi-task!  (often I go on the treadmill when I watch, but not tonight)

DancingabcI need to do things that I can do and still have one eye on the TV. Okay. let's see, clean up the kitchen, pack lunch, go through the mail,  send Murphy an email, pick out something to wear tomorrow (that doesn't require ironing), run up to wash my face during the two hours can fly by surprisingly fast when you're putzing around.

Mel B was first out with the Quick step.  She's quite the pistol and an amuzing "sparring" partner for Maksim.  Her grace surprises me - I think she's a contender.          

Dancesteps_2 Mark Cuban looked 10 years younger without the facial hair!  The judges seem to love Marie Osmond - and I loved seeing Donny in the audience.  I must have a low-grade crush on him - I get excited when I see him.

Helio (race car driver) is SO charming!  Watching him makes me grin.  He's my far and away my favorite so far.

I think the judges are tougher on Cameron, the soap actor, because he's so good looking.  Bruno's comment was kind of humorous though, "You look like Superman, but dance like Clark Kent."

When I see Jane Seymour and her body out on the dance floor, I cannot believe she is 56.  Most of us NEVER looked so good.

I noticed the "Cavemen" in the audience gave a standing "O" to Sabrina!  Her vibrancy and energy level are in a different league than the rest. I'm afraid I'd feel like a burned out light bulb standing next to her.

MY TOP THREE:  (subject to change at any time)

1. Helio
2. Sabrina
3. Jane Seymour

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Night Two – The men dance.

September 27, 2007 in Television

Groom_4The only man I knew going into the show tonight was Wayne Newton, so I really didn’t know what to expect. But the poor guy, he just didn’t seem like he was quite up to the rigors of dance. And for a musician, he didn’t seem to have much in the way of rhythm. Plus, I was kind of worried that he might pass out. But he’s a legend and he was sweet, humble and his teeth sure were white!

DancingabcMy favorite man of the evening was Helio, the race car driver – he was the epitome of grace with a grin. Totally, Mr. Charm! Mark Cuban, the billionaire was the biggest surprise to me. From seeing the commercials, I had made a prejudgment that I would not like him. He was more humble and likeable than I imagined and really quite the showman. Floyd Mayweather’s dance style was just a little too intense and furious for my liking – but maybe after he settles down a little he’ll bring some gracefulness into his performance. The male model had a great sense of humor about himself and his profession which added likeability to his crowd pleasing gyrations and male model moves and looks.

Okay, I laid it out – my assessment of the evening. I had to rush home from babysitting Lena and Kate last night, so I could get out my pen and pad to take notes on the show. 

FAVS in order:
Helio (Indie car driver)
Albert Reed (male model)
Cameron (All My Children soap actor)
Mark Cuban (Bouncing Billionaire)
Floyd Mayweather
Wayne Newton (who received much reverence from the judges – and he should!)

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Dancing with the Stars - Night One

September 25, 2007 in Television

Dancingabc Discodivas Hurray!  It's back!  I don't have to worry about Murphy being away for college now......phew, three nights this week are already taken. ;)  (oh, and Grey's is coming up on Thursday) How sad and pathetic this sounds as I reread this to myself.

Night One - It was the Ladies first night out. There's a lot of anticipation because you really don't have a clue of who's got moves and who doesn't. It was Jane Seymour who charmed me over. She is one gracious lady in every definition of the word. I was curious about Marie Osmond, because I've grown up watching her (even though she's younger than me!) -  I have that old Osmond curiousity. (I heard her referred to as the Leeza Gibbons of last year {cute, but clunky} - can't say I disagreed with that assessment)

They should bottle energy from the little blonde dynamo, Sabrina from the Cheetah show on Disney Channel - Wow! Talk about energy. Mel B (Scary Spice) made me LOL as she kept "givin' it" to Maxim. He looked like he wanted to beg for mercy. 

Judges seemed pretty tame tonight - although Len let a little grumpy out at moments. 

Lady FAVS in order:

Jane Seymour

Cheetah Girl (Sabrina)

Mel B (cheetah costume)

Jennie Garth

Marie Osmond

Super Model

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Video how-to: mosaic projects

August 30, 2007 in Television

My recent appearance on KXLY's Good Morning Northwest demonstrating how to make mosaic projects (full instructions).

Download Video

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Bad Hair Day?

April 19, 2007 in Television

Sanjaya_3 Debbiesanjaya_2 Thank you Sanjaya.....I never knew what the best solution for a bad hair day could be.  Now I know! Wear a bandana. 

I hope Simon thinks I "worked it out." Oh, and thanks Kelli Pickler for your "stand-in" legs and Tom Harlow for your Photo Shop Miracles! 







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Gene Kelley would be so proud

March 27, 2007 in Television

Dancinggirlleft Dancinggirlright I just finished watching week two of "Dancing with the Stars."  As we've talked about in the past - we all have our TV addictions - and I just love to watch these performance contests. I am so in "awe" of what these celebrities can do - and without a Dance background! And some of them are no "spring chickens" either........There is probably a common quality to these Celeb's which is enormous "drive."  To deal with the pain and fatigue has to be overwhelming at times. (probably many, many times!) I know for me, I'm challenged not to get too sore or "pull something" with my little work-out routines. So, I have enormous respect for what they are pulling off.

It's great to imagine that people all over the world are being inspired to dance again too. I know my Mom and her sweetheart, Paul, have started taking Dance lessons. She said it is harder than they expected, especially for Paul. She mentioned she even went out and bought dance shoes too. I keep noticing Dance emporiums showing up around town. It's cool how style, hobbies, color, dancing, etc. seem to recycle in popularity....  Who knows what's next!

To being "light on our feet!" (or at least not an embarrassing klutz) Debbie

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Building a Dream - the Good side of TV

February 27, 2007 in Television
Oprah_laf Last night on TV, I saw a program about "The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls."

Oprah, is my reigning Queen - she's become the one who we have come to count on to bring topics of concern, interest and inspiration to our attention. And thank goodness for her.  I am very grateful that she exposes us to people who can teach us and help us expand our vision of the world and ourselves.
Oprah is building a Dream School in South Africa. She is looking for the best and brightest girls (7-12th grade) to help educate and ultimately create great leaders for Africa. For acceptance into the school they were being tested and intereviewed by Oprah. Of course, the girls were amazing and Oprah just fell in love with all of them.

School These girls live in very challenging situations, with many family members having been killed, (often one or more of their parents). Their communities are dangerous, they pray for their safety as they walk to school daily. 
Their individual strength is so powerful. A great education is their greatest dream and desire. At this time in their life, nothing could mean more to them. They know they have the stamina, energy and intelligence to do great things with their education if they get a meaningful opportunity.  These girls are truly remarkable.  Many of them declared that they want to be leaders and role models. If you were able to see this program - you would be most inspired by looking into the eyes of these girls which are full of beauty, energy, strength and kindness.  The articulate way they speak and express themselves quickly suggests their innate intelligence.  You believe in them!

Your heart also aches for these girls and the challenges they live with daily.  And what is most inspiring, is that in spite of many, many obstacles, their drive is only further energized.   Each girl was special and unique and a survivor. And each one gave you inspiration to better yourself and to feel true gratefulness for our own lives and opportunities.  They have  rock solid constitutions, which have gotten them through situations beyond what we can imagine as tolerable for ourselves.
So, this is the good side of TV - the side that brings us knowledge of other lives and worlds that we don't get to see otherwise. 
It was tears streaming down my cheeks for this viewer when the girls learned they had made it into the school - and, in the way that pre-teen girls from anywhere in the world do - they demonstrated their happiness by jumping up and down and screeching in sheer joy.
Oprah also announced that each girl who graduates from this academy will go to whatever college they want. (courtesy of Oprah, of course)
I have so much to be grateful for today................

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TV Show Addict

February 26, 2007 in Television

Do you have any shows that you are addicted to watching?

Do you not answer the phone, avoid any social engagements, or speak to anyone in your household while these programs are on?  Then, you're like me and you have a TV addiction! (quoting a line from an old Seinfeld episode, "Not that there's anything wrong with that.")

Icon_idolIf there was a 12-Step Program for this, I would be attending and make the following statement:
"My Name is Debbie, and I'm addicted to American Idol (and Dancing with the Stars when it's back on - March 19, by the way)."

Frog I counted down the days until the Season 6 started and announced the "count" on a regular basis to people I knew really didn't care.  I don't even really like watching all the bad auditions - but I can't seem to stop myself from watching becaus e I don't want to miss anything. I get very irritated with Simon Cowell and his pension for rudeness, am mystified on occassion by Paula Abdul's rambling remarks, and Randy Jackson - well, he's the "dawg!" - But no matter, I hang on to their every comment and then react. What's with that? I guess it's all part of the addiction. Am I all alone in this - are there other addicts out there??   

Although, I do usually watch alone - the next day of hashing it out over the water cooler is a big part of the fun. Discussing the favorite and least favorite performances, agreeing or disagreeing with the comments, sharing the emotional reactions to who was sent home and if it was "their time to go?" Adopting the language is another aspect of addiction...."She was "the bomb,"  he sounded a little "pitchy,"  I give her "props."  Talking "A.I. Speak" - this is a requirement to being a fully engaged participant (a euphemism for addict). 

When you have a notepad at your side to make notes during the show, when you meet a friend for lunch and the most passionate part of the conversation is to rehash the most current shows - those are all signs. 

As all good addicts do, we know how to "rationalize." 

Here's my top 6 Rationalizations:
1.  I'd rather have my "drama" be on TV instead of my own life.
2.  I always exercise while I'm watching - to remove "guilty" from the term "guilty pleasure."
3.  Hey, everyone's doing it, right?
4.  I haven't started or participated in a fan club - so I'm not that bad off.
5.  I can stop whenever I want.  (I hope I never have to test that one)
6.  I haven't auditioned yet - those are the real addicts!

Hey, what's the harm?  I'd love to hear your TV Addiction Confessions.


PS - Did anyone see Grey's Anatomy last week?

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Dancing with the Stars

November 14, 2006 in Diet, Television

So, tonight was a big night, for sure.....the finale of the Dancing competitJenny_craig_food_4ion!  Mario (my favorite) and Emmit (my next favorite) are neck and neck after competing tonight. It's such a nail biter.  I must admit, I rarely vote on these competitions - but it is so close - I thought I should follow through with my duty and call in my five allotted votes.  (for Mario!)  He had me from the very beginning.  I spent the first forty minutes on the treadmill while watching - I never have to feel guilty about watching when I'm multi-tasking and getting a "work-out" done at the same time. 

Tomorrow is a big day too and not just because we'll find out the winner of "Dancing with the Stars," but because I'm going to meet with someone at Jenny Craig tomorrow morning. I've been thinking about it for at least a couple months now - and I've made the decision to act on it. 

Hopefully, they won't tell me that I'm beyond help.....My mom and my friend Lori have both done with program with success.  It sounds like an easy system since they provide you with the food.  I'll let you know what I think.

Night all, Debbie

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