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A Good Day to Celebrate!

October 27, 2009 in Crafts, Creativity, Recipes, Staff

CaramelApples October 27 is Caramel Apple Day and there is no better way to celebrate than with some yummy caramel apples. We've had the privilege of sampling Jackie's apples on a few occasions and we can attest to their deliciousness!

Jackie's Homemade
Caramel Apple Recipe

6-8 Small to medium clean, tart, apples (Apples from the store usually have a waxy finish that needs to be washed clean. Dry very well; caramel will not stick to a wet apple.)

Craft sticks for handles
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 stick (1/2 cup) butterCarmelMess
2 cups brown sugar
¼ cup Karo syrup

Combine all ingredients in a heavy saucepan. Cook on medium heat-- a too hot burner will scorch easily. Stir mixture constantly, scraping the bottom often. Do not walk away from the cooking caramel!! If you use a candy thermometer heat to 240 degrees or when tested in cold water to firm ball stage. When mixture hits the right temperature, add 1 tsp real vanilla stirring quickly.

Dip clean apples in caramel and place on parchment paper. The apples will not stick to parchment paper which is a very good thing. You will have a little caramel left in the bottom of the pan that you can not dip into so I drizzle this caramel over the already carameled apples for a little extra goodness.


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Sunny, the big fluffy Puppy

September 26, 2009 in Crafts, Creativity, Pets, Quilting, Staff


Carolyn and her husband recently adopted a darling apricot-colored Labradoodle. While leafing through a magazine one day, Carolyn came across a photo of a woman sitting on the steps and a fluffy, soulful, floppy-eared dog had his head in her lap.

That’s all it took, she was hooked. Once they determined that the dog was a labradoodle, Carolyn’s husband, Nick, went on the hunt for their new puppy and they had the joy of being involved with their puppy from birth.

All their dogs of the past have been named after bears—Grizzly, Kodiak, Bear—so keeping with tradition Sunny is a nickname for Sun Bear.

He sure has the sunny disposition that goes along with his name. So sunny in fact, he charms himself out of being in trouble every time he unrolls the toilet paper or sticks his head in a trash can looking for goodies to chew.

Carolyn loves him to death, and when he’s done some kind of dirty deed, she laughs and says, “It’s a good thing he’s so cute!” I used to say that about my son when he was a toddler too!

Sunny has been an inspiration for all of us so we designed a dog bed, blankie, and even a pillow with his name on it featuring one of my new fabric collections for Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores---appropriately named “Junkyard Dogs!”


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Hens only – No Noisy Roosters Allowed!

September 16, 2009 in Creativity, Friendship, Staff

Eggs You probably weren’t aware that this is National Chicken Month, were you? 

Normally, I probably wouldn’t think to acknowledge such a thing. But since we have our own Chicken Lady on staff, we must honor the chicken. All of us here at the studio benefit from regular deliveries of fresh organic eggs from Kathy’s flock.

Kathy-and-chickensRaising chickens for 18 years now, she has a brood of 27 and just loves these girls and all their personalities.  Since she welcomes new hens into the flock every year, she has a system of creating fashionable colored leg bands to identify what year they joined the clan. This year two of her chicks did turn out to be roosters! (Yikes!) Each time a rooster makes their way into the batch, she says a little prayer in hopes that it will be the first rooster in history that doesn’t crow. Although she has inquired, the vet told her that you just can’t “de-crow” a rooster.

The hens all have names like “Strawberry” and “Silky” based on their colors and markings. One of her eldest (who is a little more full figured) has earned the name “Queen Mum” and naturally she is the grand dame and self appointed role model to the other chicks. (sounds a bit like a DIVA to me) The four golden hens that pal around in a pack are nicknamed “The Blonde Bombshells.”


Because of the growing interest in eating organic foods, Kathy recently interviewed her chicks about the eggs they produce. The response was positive...

“It’s not a bad job. About once a day I spend 10 minutes in hard labor, and give a big SQUAWK when the blessed event is complete. Then I have the rest of the day off to jabber with the girls and sun myself.”

Not a bad deal since Kathy keeps them well fed along with extra treats of cracked corn, wheat kernels and yummy kitchen scraps. These chickens are well loved and doted on by Kathy and we sure do love the eggs!

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Red Barn Sale

September 10, 2009 in Crafts, Creativity, Decorating, Gardening, Quilting, Staff

Booth It's that fun time of year, when all the local artisans are coming together to sell their creations and flea market treasures. Carolyn, Jackie and Lori have all been buzzing over the last few weeks about plans to display their wares for the Labor Day Sale. Of course, there were several late nights, pulling it all together and getting everything done in time.

Garden-signJackie and Carolyn teamed up under the name Glass Garden and made beautiful glass bricks with seasonal mosaic designs. They also covered garden pots, windows, birdhouses and even a wine keeper with colored glass. Lori is quite the jewelry maker and set up her table showcasing her lovely necklaces, brooches, bracelets and earrings. Despite a couple of storms threatening to blow them away, the event was a success for all.

Coming Oct 2 & 3, another good friend is putting on the Mad Hatter Flea Market at the File Mile Grange in Spokane. What fun!


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Garden of Inspiration

August 22, 2009 in Crafts, Creativity, Gardening, Staff

Garden-window ChairGetOut
When it comes to decorating her garden, our Jackie can never have too much cool and cute stuff.

I recently visited her garden and just had to share some photos with you. 


Most of us don't have the time or energy to keep up with her ferocious drive when it comes to keeping up the garden, but we certainly can enjoy looking at it and feel that great vibration of creative inspiration just under our skin. Hey, that's just as good as dirt under our nails anyway.

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June 25, 2009 in Friendship, Sports, Staff, Weblogs

Tom_Work Tom Harlow is our Graphics Manager and has been working with me and my team for a decade now. He is our expert when it comes to the computer and if it can be figured out, Tom will figure it out. Tom has that wonderful right brain, left brain balance of creativity and logic. He does lots of great fabric designing or as he describes, "I take art and create "stuff" with it." In addition to that he does all our digital photography for our books and designing of our website.

KayakThe LED name abbreviation on the phone in our Photo Studio reads Photostud - so we have nicknamed Tom our "Photo Stud!" He loves the title and it seems appropriate since he is the only guy in the Art Studio. Luckily he copes pretty well with all the estrogen and brings us the guy’s perspective when needed.

Tom and his lovely wife Kim are the proud parents of three rambunctious boys, ages 6 to 11. So you can only imagine how lively that household is. Tom is the Dad of all Dads’. He coaches some of their sports teams and is very involved in every aspect of their lives. Tom's watch alarm goes off everyday at the time when each of them was born. isn't that just the sweetest thing! Tom and his boys are all big sports fans and when Tom isn't watching his boys play, he loves to watch college and professional sports. Like any good local - he loves Gonzaga basketball!

P1000166Tom is also a music fanatic and relies on iTunes to keep him up to date. His musical taste is very diverse and at anytime he may be listening to anyone from Nickelback to Elton John, Pink to Alison Krauss, or the Beatles to the newest Alternative Pop group. He has recently been to concerts by Sarah Bareilles, Jason Mraz, Rush and Nickelback.

OurFamilyTom is generally known around these parts as just a really good guy. He would help out anyone with anything if you just ask him. He has rescued me on several occasions with things I needed help with around the house. When he’s not assisting someone else, he always keeps busy with a whole assortment of do-it-yourself projects and home and yard improvements.

You can always count on Tom for a kind word, support and occasionally out of left field he'll zing you with his slightly twisted humor.

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Meet Nancy

May 17, 2009 in Staff


NancySewingMachine Nancy has been working with my studio for 14 years! She has been our hand quilter and for the last many years our primary seamstress. I’ve never seen anyone happier than Nancy with her pedal to the metal and making her sewing machine smoke. Nancy is so patient with me when I’m trying to land on the perfect fabric combination for our latest design. But when we land, she hardly lifts her head up again until she gets that thing pieced together. Have I mentioned she’s fast!?! Nancy is great at helping with new designs too. She really likes working on Electric Quilt, a computer quilt design program. Because no one understands quilt construction better than Nancy (since she’s the one piecing them together) she does an excellent job proofreading instructions, creating diagrams and brainstorming the easiest and most efficient way to construct a project.


I have never met anyone more resourceful than Nancy with fabric leftovers. She has made more scrap quilts, totes and baby quilts with leftover pieces and blocks than some people have made quilts period. One day I asked Nancy how many quilts she thought she had made over her lifetime. After trying to calculate, we determined it was too many to possibly count. You might have guessed that when Nancy isn’t at work making quilts, she’s at home making quilts! She belongs to an active quilting group that meet every week. There are about a dozen regulars and they usually keep busy on individual projects. She organizes their annual retreat that they call “Somewhere Seminar.” (private joke J


Nancy has 2 grown daughters and a college age son attending school in Alaska. Over the last 4 years Nancy became a Grandma three times over and is always sharing cute little stories about a recent phone call or visit with them. She’s looking forward to a tea party with her Granddaughter Olivia on her next visit to Michigan later this month. Her middle daughter is a professional athlete and participates in Adventure Racing all over the globe. Naturally, Nancy is very proud of unique accomplishments and gives us reports on her latest adventure. Nancy says that when she’s with her daughter Jari, she is so inspired that she feels like she could climb Mt. Everest too. Don’t get me wrong, Nancy is no slouch when it comes to being active. She’s an avid walker and biker. She rides regularly for fresh air and exercise but has also done several long distance trips including biking the  San Juan Islands and their own “Tour de Palouse.” Her longest rides have been 160 miles over 3 to 4 days. Phew! Her big dream is to someday do a cross country ride.

In the winter, when Nancy lets herself away from her sewing machine, she straps on Cross Country skiis and heads up to her favorite trails on Mount Spokane. Nancy enjoys music and her favorite artist is Fernando Ortega, a contemporary Christian singer. As a matter of fact, I’ve heard Nancy sing and she has a pretty nice set of pipes herself. It’s a little joke around the office that you can set your clock by Nancy because at the stroke of noon she’s the first one in the lunchroom. Always in a good mood, Nancy is a true pleasure!

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Meet Kris

April 15, 2009 in Friendship, Staff


Clifford-Family.2 You’ve gotten to know Kris a little by all her scrapbooking projects that I’ve featured on my blog. Kris is going on 10 years at Mumm’s and has spent those years doing whatever is needed to keep the studio organized and running efficiently. There is so much behind the scenes work that is so important to keep our business operating smoothly.  In case you’ve ever sent us an email or called us with a question - the kind, thoughtful and timely responses are all courtesy of Kris. Whenever it’s a staff birthday, she scurries around the office and puts together the cutest assortment of props to decorate around the birthday cake.  It’s often a clever theme that the birthday girl or boy will particularly appreciate. She offers up a lot of enthusiasm to other members of the staff for their work.  Kris has been an enormous support to me over the years both professionally and personally. A few years ago for my birthday gift she came to my house to help (ha! – run the show) get my mounds of paperwork organized. She’s escorted me and brought me home after medical procedures that I couldn’t drive myself to. (And picked up some chicken soup and my prescription on the way home, too.) Now, isn’t that amazing? I’m so grateful. She’s always untangling my issues when it comes to understanding my phone, camera, computer or anything else my artsy brain can’t comprehend.

Bill-on-Fat-BoyAway from the office, Kris is very devoted to her husband Bill who works in his dream job as Deputy Fire Marshal for the Spokane Valley Fire Department and her active 15 year old son Justin. Justin is a baseball nut and she is able to attend most of his games to cheer him on. Don't get in her way when she's cheering on her son!  As a family they do a lot together including RV Camping, skiing, snowboarding and biking (as in Harley). Bill keeps his bike spit-spot. Any day of the week I could apply my make-up in the reflection off his chrome. They regularly watch or attend auto racing events, car shows and love to watch our local Hockey team (The Chiefs) cream the competition. They are a darling little trio.

Memory-Walk-2008Kris’ mom was diagnosed three years ago with Alzheimer’s. As you can imagine it has been an extremely painful process and experience for their entire family. Kris and her extended family (she grew up with brothers that she describes as loving and a little cantankerous) have been teaming together to support their Mother and organizations that are working to research, prevent and reduce the affects of Alzheimer’s. Since they all live in the same area, it makes it easier to share their efforts. Last Fall I joined them on a Memory Walk to help raise funds and to honor her Mom. 

Kris (who usually has strong opinions about who she does and doesn't like on American Idol) enjoys a variety of music including Glen Miller Orchestra and George Strait, but is an 80’s rocker at heart. She is also a die-hard Sammy Hagar fan and has traveled far and wide to attend his concerts with her good friend Michelle. Beloved-SuzieShe dressed as Madonna for my 50th birthday bash and assembled her entire costume from her own clothes that she had stashed away since high school.  

She would have a million pets if she could and is always looking out for the best interests of all animals. They’ve got a tradition of naming their pets with names that start with an “S.” Shelby who Kris describes as a snotty princess cat now rules the house. Bill-and-Kris.2The family was devastated by the loss of their beloved Border Collie Suzie this last December. When the time is right, I expect she’ll make an announcement of a new “S” named puppy joining the household. As our in-house scrapbooking expert she keeps us up to date in all the latest trends and techniques. Her organizational skills have not gone to waste when it came to designing a scrapbooking den stocked to the rafters with papers and tools in the new house her and her husband built a year and a half ago. Kris loves a good sale, is a serious coupon clipper, but is never cheap. She's got an uproarious laugh and loves to use it 'til her sides ache. 


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Meet Gil Jin - An Inspiration!

March 15, 2009 in Friendship, Staff



Gil-Jin has been part of the team for over seven years and is a very talented painter. She is so focused and can spend hours painting without a peep, except for the occassional chuckle. Because she is quiet and so focused you don't realize that she hears every word. When you hear that chuckle from Jin (that's what we call her for short), you know you've made a good funny.

 Jin has a very interesting story. She was born in Seoul, Korea and married as a young woman. After 3 years of being married, she lost her husband to a serious illness. With her 2-year-old daughter Susan in arm, she made the brave decision to move from Seoul to Spokane, WA. Korea copy Jin could read and write English but spoke only a few words. With little financial means she came to America in search of an education in art and to make a better life for herself and her daughter. She didn't receive a lot of encouragment and was told that she would probably fail. However, she was very determined. With language barriors to overcome, she found school very challenging, but she persevered and graduated from Gonzaga University. Unfortunately, her degree did not immediately garner her a job. She said it was her little daughter that gave her the strength to keep on going.

Gonzaga Next, she moved to Seattle where she attended The Seattle Art Institute and learned computer graphic skills. When she returned to Spokane she landed a job for a Printer and also got married. It was several years later that she came to work for me. At the Art Institute and Gonzaga she learned everything but watercoloring painting. The position that she was applying for with me was as a Watercolor Painter. That wasn't going to stop her. Because of her natural talents, she went home and did three watercolor paintings and proved she had the skills for the job. Everyday she continues to hone her skills and has become an invaluable member of the team.

Family When Jin isn't chained to her drawing table at the office, she is very involved in her church. It is primarly a Korean congregration which brings wonderful cultural familiarity to Jin. As a Church Elder, Jin helps newcomers integrate and uses her skills to create Power Point Programs and has the daunting job of updating the Directory every year. That doesn't leave her much free time, but she does manage to keep up on her favorite TV show "Lost" whenever it's airing. She is naturally a very humble person, but she is so proud of her accomplished, well educated and not to mention, beautiful, grown daughter. And she is also so rightfully proud of herself for changing her destiny and making a good life for herself. Jin has only been back to Korea for one visit since she left 25 years ago, but dreams of going home for a visit again someday. 

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Meet Monica - Crusader!

February 20, 2009 in Friendship, Staff

Work Monica is as close as we have to a newbie with two years in residence as a Graphic Designer. She is responsible for our book design and works on making every page of our quilt books pretty to look at and easy to understand. Other areas that she excels at are fabric layouts and product designing. Me-and-my-mamaShe's such a great part of the team because she is so focused and dedicated to the task at hand, and most importantly she has a great laugh! Monica admires her co workers talents and really enjoys homemade treats - especially Jackie's Fudgy Upside-Down Cake!

 Monica's passion has become a Non-profit organization that she formed with a group of dear friends to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer. Boobies-girlsShe was inspired by her own Mother's battle with breast cancer who by the way (after treatment) is now a Survivor of the disease. Her and her comrades have designed a variety of cool t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts and more as a method to raise funds.  She spends many evenings and weekends at local events showcasing their wares and raising awareness. You can view or purchase these on their website

Me-and-chris When she is not out saving the world from disease, she is spending time with hubby Chris. When she came to work at Mumm's she was newlywed and they are still very enamored of each other - Isn't that sweet! They are deep into some serious home renovations. Jacob-and-london We all know that if they are still having fun during a remodel - it must be love! Monica is also a very adoring auntie of her big sis's little ones Jacob and London (which is pretty obvious by these photos). Her family lives on the other side of the state and misses them like crazy between visits.

To wind down in the evenings, she is kept company by her somewhat flawed, but still loved kitty, Lexi and her handful of a pup, Ozzy (part beagle and basset hound) while she tunes into the latest "Mc-Drama" on Grey's Anatomy. She’s “old school” when it comes to her all time favorite movies, E.T. and Footloose. Bunko Night (which she organized, naturally) is her excuse for a fun evening of uproarious hilarity with the girls.

Even though she loves camping, when she wins the lottery, she will return to Jamaica where her and hubby honeymooned (or anyplace where it's warm!) hire a team of carpenters to magically finish up her home remodel or even better buy a dreamhome on the lake. If I know Monica, she'll also make an enormous contribution to finding a cure for Breast Cancer!

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The One-Armed Scrapper

February 8, 2009 in Crafts, Creativity, Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores, Scrapbooking, Staff

Kriscroppin Kris recently had an incident on the ice and ended up with a broken arm, but do you think that can stop her from doing her scrapbooking? Not a chance! Especially with these awesome new products at her fingertips. There are two new Nursery Kits that are packed full of a darling assortment of coordinating papers and embellishments and even includes a brag book. This is a perfect Baby Shower gift for the Mom-to-be, especially if you include a "coupon" offering to spend a couple hours helping her put together her Baby's first scrapbook. And what a great way to get Grandma involved too.

Check out these new stinkin'-cute Nursery-themed Paper Crafting kits now available at JoAnn Stores or on their website.

Page Choose between Baa Baa Black Sheep and This Little Piggy themes


Also NEW: 12” x 12” Nursery Rhyme Paper Stack which contains 48 sheets of glittered paper.

The good news is that all these new products coordinate perfectly with the existing Debbie  Mumm® nursery paper crafting products available at Jo-Ann Stores.

Any of the scrapbook products can be used to make these "sweet as pie" nursery accessories and 1-2-3 frame, baby shower party invitations and decorations, baby announcements, congratulations cards, and so much more!

Go ahead - Make something Adorable!

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January 29, 2009 in Friendship, Staff


CO-worka Carolyn had an impressive resume of work in tourism before taking over the management of our publications and marketing 8 years ago.  She’s got quite a flair for the written word (loves alliteration) and gives Martha Stewart a run for the money when it comes to being creative and resourceful. And, when it comes to concepts and content, Carolyn cooks up a seemingly endless supply of project ideas for our books and website. Photo planning and styling, writing, editing and a lot of hands-on creation all come under the heading of Carolyn. I’m sure you’ve enjoyed some of her “romance copy in her years of coming up with clever ways to describe our latest quilt.

CO-workb Carolyn always has big plans.  In fact her husband claims she has ADD – Attention Deficit Decorating Syndrome. In her house, she is perpetually in the process of something and may have several irons in the fire at any given time.  At the tender age of 7, she redecorating something and may have several irons in the fire at any given time.  CO-DisneyAt the tender age of 7, she wallpapered her playhouse and hasn’t stopped painting, sewing, reupholstering since. (not to mention shopping – on any given day, she can recite the inventory at Pier One and Pottery Barn) On the rare occasion that she does take a break from her own projects, she “sticks her nose” (self-described) into my decorating.  We have very similar taste and we only live two blocks apart – so we love sharing our opinions with each other. Monday Night is Craft Night and she’s part of a group (also includes Jackie) that have been meeting religiously for a few years.  However, most of the stories I hear are about the food and wine!

CO-workc Carolyn occasionally partakes in stage productions and even treated me recently to a fantastic production of “Phantom of the Opera.”  When she’s not glued to HGTV, she enjoys traveling with her husband to exotic locations like Thailand. She enjoys participating in a book club. She looks forward to weekends at the “cabin,” and even occasionally finds a Saturday to take a paddle in her kayak. Carolyn is the proud mother of one son, Chase, who is currently working on his graduate degree in film in sunny California. Perhaps missing him so much explains her new fondness for the quail who regularly visit her backyard. She has now taken to buying birdseed in bulk. Best of all, Carolyn laughs at nearly every attempt I make at humor. Now that’s endearing!

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Meet Mandie – Roller Derby Mama!

January 10, 2009 in Friendship, Staff



After more than 3 years of working as our CPA, Mandie "claims" to have never had a bad day at work - now that's impressive! She is certainly beloved here at the office because she is the one who makes sure that payroll happens on time. (she has never let us down) 

Party The mother of one 6 year old daughter (Brielle), Mandie is also a newlywed. She had a glorious beach wedding this summer on the Oregon Coast and they are expecting a baby together around Memorial Day.  She's enjoying being able to wear loose maternity clothes so she can enjoy all the goodies she wants this Holiday season. Described by her husband as a "Tree-hugger," she has impressed us as being somewhat of a "daredevil." Within the first year of working with us, she broke limbs in a motorcycle skiff and in a tumble she took while doing Roller Derby! (I personally haven't been on roller skates since Jr. High)

Kona A supporter of the Spokane Humane Society, Mandie surrounds herself with a mangerie of pets. Jaeger is a Bengal cat and Malibu is a mutt tabby. She also has 2 dogs – Tonka, a 3yr old Bullmastiff (who she describes as a big, dumb jock). He is about 130lbs and thinks he still weighs 15 and should be able to PLOP down on her lap at anytime. Dopie-dog The sweetheart of the family is Kona, a 2yr old American Bulldog (no…she isn’t even indirectly related to a pit!). Last, but not least is a beta fish named Mar-Teenee – mainly because he lives in a giant martini glass on the dining room table.

When not working at "Mumm" she volunteers at school (naturally, she is number one choice for Skate Night), has her own part-time CPA firm, helps organize her husband's business, does DIY projects at home, and all that other “life” stuff. She looks forward to the day she has time to scrapbook, stamp, cross-stitch, sew, organize her photos, train the dogs, and phew.......relax a little. Mandie loves to vacation anywhere especially if there is water involved and has the motto, "Attitudes are contagious…is yours worth catching?" 

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It's a “Boy” Birthday

November 22, 2008 in Creativity, Staff

Tom-Turns-37 Our office is full of "girly" things but Tom manages to hold his own as the only guy in the art studio. For his birthday celebration today, Starbucks-Gift-PackageKris scoured our prop room and found a few "boy" items to decorate his birthday cake table with.  Carolyn came up with a fun way to give a Starbucks gift card. She asked for a Starbucks cup, filled it with tissue (candy would be fun inside the cup too) and the gift card and topped it with a bow. Way more fun than a teeny envelope!

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It takes a Village!

November 19, 2008 in Friendship, Staff


Kathy Kathy Arbuckle is an incredible and humble artist and I’ve had the good fortune to have had her on my team for nearly 10 years. Kathy has many passions in addition to art, but I would say what is nearest to her heart is her love of animals. When it’s feeding time on Kathy’s spread, it means a loving visit to her 2 Pygmy goats, a flock of laying hens, 2 big outside dogs, Sammy and Summer, 2 horses, Teddy and Wyatt, and even several goldfish that reside in the water trough. KathysGoat Her little house dog is a black Pomeranian named Daisy. Always at her side, even in the deepest winter snow, Daisy is cheerfully underfoot as Kathy’s self appointed guard dog. (She thinks she’s a BIG dog and is the great protector)

A woman of great faith, Kathy is mother to one grown son, Nathan and shares her life with her hubby, Bud, of 30 years. Not a year goes by that Kathy doesn’t plant her vegetable garden. She's been raising her own tomatoes from seed for over 10 years now. Her fruit trees produced a bumper crop this year allowing her to make 3 gallons of applesauce - Yum!! Kathy is our resident "egg lady" too - bringing us freshly laid eggs whenever we need - presuming the hens are in a cooperative mood of course. In the fall and winter months Kathy pulls out her knitting needles producing beautiful scarves and sweaters.  Right now her kitchen table is covered with beading supplies after recently catching the beading “bug.”

KathysDogInspired by the encouragement and guidance of the lyrics, Kathy is a fan of Contemporary Christian Music. However, her very favorite recording artist is her Dad. She grew up listening to his wonderful, rich voice accompanied by his KathysDad ukulele. He has recorded 3 CD’s and now her husband has taken it up and serenades her daily at the dinner table. It is now a tradition and favorite family pastime. This very down to earth woman loves all things creative and domestic, but occasionally takes the time away from the homestead to visit some of her favorite places like Glacier, Montana, Avalon Harbor, Catalina Island…The beach…Lake Wenatchee, and Leavenworth, WA. Her vacation dream plans include Hawaii and New Zealand. She hopes that someday she'll clear out a window of time to write and illustrate a children's book. Hopefully between feeding all her critters!

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It takes a Village!

November 10, 2008 in Friendship, Staff

I have a very talented and good hearted group of people that I get to work with. I’d like to introduce you to each member of my in-house staff  – so for the next month or so, I’ll be featuring staff profiles so you can get to know them too.

JackieAtDesk Jackie Saling has been working with me for 13 years. She even worked for a year with me in my basement when we ran out of space at our office. (whoa - that brings me back!) Jackie has a force field  of her own and turns out great fabric designs and has developed great relationships with many of the companies that produce products for us. Jackie, has earned the nickname ”Jack” by being a Jack of all trades. There’s nothing that she isn’t good at - particularly when it comes to gardening, baking and decorative painting. She’s not afraid of power tools and loves sports too. Before working at “Mumm” she was a hairdresser and taught decorative painting. She still cuts hair occasionally for staff members and purchases beauty supplies for us.

JackieBillJackie has three grown children and is a proud grandmother of 2. When she is not being a domestic goddess, she is out kayaking with her soul mate, Bill. She and Bill recently took a vacation in the South of France where she hopes to retire (heaven forbid!) when she’s young enough to enjoy herself and still look good on a topless beach. Still a rocker at XX (don’t worry – no ages will be revealed in these profiles), she listens to Nickel Creek and classic rock. She participates in a book club and a craft club, but from what I hear the focus is usually on what wine they will be drinking. Jackie keeps our plants watered and brings a lot of humor wherever she goes. 

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