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Murphy's Escapades

December 17, 2006 in Family, Games

My son braved a bitter cold (17degrees) night camped outside Best Buy last night so he could purchase himself the Wii!  A buddy of his had managed to get one in the first shipment and Murphy was hooked after a few intense sessions.  (anything to avoid studying for finals!)  Last night around 9:00 PM we were running around like crazy looking for thermal socks, long underwear, hats, blankets and a thermos that I was willing to part with if it didn't make it back. He, trying to convince me ... "I'll be fine, Mom."  And me throwing extra blankets and coats at him as he was trying to make his escape. Murphy and his two buddies were in good position as 6th in line.  I called him at midnight to make sure he was set up to survive and said goodnight.  I kept stirring all night and looking at the clock just hoping he wasn't freezing his tooshy off. But somehow, I still managed in sleep in (after all, it was Sunday morning!). When I did wake up - I peeked in his room to find him with a down comforter tight around his neck and a space heater turned up full blast.  And luckily, there was the Wii box sitting on t he kitchen coNintendo_wii_007_3unter.

So tonight we got to is fun!  Murphy and his girlfriend and I all took turns.  Yes, even a 50 year old woman can learn to play video games on a Wii.  You make characters that resemble you and then actually simulate playing tennis and bowling and goCharacters2_2lf (you know, games you've actually heard of).

Hopefully, I won't wind up in physical therapy with tennis elbow. I'm not kidding - I had to stop because my arm was sore!


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