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Dancing with the Stars

November 14, 2006 in Diet, Television

So, tonight was a big night, for sure.....the finale of the Dancing competitJenny_craig_food_4ion!  Mario (my favorite) and Emmit (my next favorite) are neck and neck after competing tonight. It's such a nail biter.  I must admit, I rarely vote on these competitions - but it is so close - I thought I should follow through with my duty and call in my five allotted votes.  (for Mario!)  He had me from the very beginning.  I spent the first forty minutes on the treadmill while watching - I never have to feel guilty about watching when I'm multi-tasking and getting a "work-out" done at the same time. 

Tomorrow is a big day too and not just because we'll find out the winner of "Dancing with the Stars," but because I'm going to meet with someone at Jenny Craig tomorrow morning. I've been thinking about it for at least a couple months now - and I've made the decision to act on it. 

Hopefully, they won't tell me that I'm beyond help.....My mom and my friend Lori have both done with program with success.  It sounds like an easy system since they provide you with the food.  I'll let you know what I think.

Night all, Debbie

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