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Happy 2010!

January 1, 2010 in Calendar, Holidays, Well-Being


It’s really hard to fathom just how quickly this past decade has gone. I created this piece of art to commemorate the year 2000 and here it is 2010 already.

In this coming year, I hope we can all remember to take a deep breath and notice and appreciate the special moments that you share with others and the ones when you feel ease and peace in your heart. Maybe we can all slow down just a little bit too! Life is good and we don’t want it to pass us by too quickly

I wish you blessings and joy in the coming year.

Love, Debbie


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Unbelievable - 2007 is here!

January 3, 2007 in Calendar

Newyearsimagecopy_5 Does it seem like we JUST rang in the year 2000!!  I can even remember what I wore to that party.  Time is moving faster than ever and it's a good reminder to enjoy our lives here and now.  Don't worry 2007_pocket_calendar_copy_1about the future and let the past go....... So easy to say, yet so meaningful to accomplish. 

My neighbors and I have had a long-standing tradition over the holidays.  We usually get together at my house forImmings_001cropped_1 cocktails. Tom takes charge of the martini shaker - and shakes us up some pretty pink cosmos. I always make my Stuffed Mushrooms.  (Tom would be very upset if I didn't, and we don't want to affect his ability to shake up a good martini drink!)

I get juice packs and munchies for the girls and they get the chance to attack Murphy's game systems.  (What do you mean you sold the PS2 ???!!!!)  After the shock wore off, they gladly reverted to good ole' Nintendo. 

Years ago I gave them a calendar frame and now every year it's tradition for me to give them the new calendar.  And it's so cute, they get to take a quick peek that night - but after that the images for each month are under protection. 

When a new month is upon us - it's a special pancake breakfast morning and they gather as a family to reveal the next image of the calendar.  Ooohing and awwing soon follow.   The No Peeking rule is strictly abided to.  Immings_003cropped_2

Nothing that formalized happens with the turning of the calendar page at my house - in fact I'm impressed with myself if I get it turned close to the beginning of the month. 

Since we have several calendars to choose from this added a new level of decision making.  In my office, I put the "Girls" calendar, at home in the kitchen it's the "Market Fresh" and throughout the office there are several traditional DM Calendars.This year we also did the purse size calendar as well as the bound monthly planner - I gave out quite a few of those as gifts.  So much collective planning for 2007 to be done out there!!

Speaking of girlfriend JoAnn and I decided that in lieu of gifts we would go to our favorite local Zi Spa located in Coeur d' Alene, ID to treat ourselves to some pampering.  So, on my calendar for this Sunday, you'll find annotated a facial and a soak in their heavenly tub......can't wait - it's pure heaven! 

Still thinking about my resolutions.....

Happy New Year all!


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