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National Compliment Day

January 28, 2010 in Friendship, Well-Being Ecard Have you ever regretted letting an opportunity to compliment someone go by or are you looking for the right moment to let someone know how much you appreciate them? I’ve been watching a great series on PBS called “This Emotional Life” and among many interesting topics one of them is about what makes us happy. The conclusion (from scientific research!) was that creating positive connections with others is how we create happiness for ourselves and for others. Sharing a compliment seems like a great way to reinforce your connections. Email everyone you know a compliment and it will make their day. (Yours too!!)


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With Honey and Milk, please.

January 22, 2010 in Crafts, Scrapbooking

Tea1 That’s how I like to drink my tea…. Black tea with milk and honey is yummy in my tummy ~ particularly in the middle of winter. Because everyone seemed to enjoy the Snowmen downloads during December, I thought I’d treat you to some tea. Tea art downloads that is. I selected images with Bees to represent the honey. See what you come up with – how about some sweet Thank you or Thinking of you cards? Or, perhaps you might decorate a tea canister or a gift bag.



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Decorative Storage

January 15, 2010 in Crafts, Home, Quilting

TinsGroup-Full It’s something about the combination of New Years resolutions and putting away my Christmas decorations, that puts me in the mood to get more organized. And why not make it look cute at the same time? Organizer-Full Here are some fun ideas for accomplishing both in your sewing or craft area. Recycle the Christmas tins that you received full of fudge and peanut brittle and turn them into decorative storage containers.


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New Year, New Dog!

January 8, 2010 in Family, Friendship, Pets

Murphy made his life long dream of being a Doggie Daddy come true in 2010. He adopted the sweetest little pup from Spokanimal and named her Penny. She’s about 1 year old and we’re guessing she’s a little hound, a little lab, a little retriever and lot of who knows what-else in her. FreePetProjectsButton But it all adds up to be adorable. She instantly bonded with Murphy and is friendly to all. Murphy is getting used to having a constant shadow. Wherever he is, Penny is at his side smiling from ear to ear. Murphy hasn’t headed back to school yet, so they’ve been camping out in my basement and so far we are incident free! I’m so happy the two of them have found each other.


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Happy 2010!

January 1, 2010 in Calendar, Holidays, Well-Being


It’s really hard to fathom just how quickly this past decade has gone. I created this piece of art to commemorate the year 2000 and here it is 2010 already.

In this coming year, I hope we can all remember to take a deep breath and notice and appreciate the special moments that you share with others and the ones when you feel ease and peace in your heart. Maybe we can all slow down just a little bit too! Life is good and we don’t want it to pass us by too quickly

I wish you blessings and joy in the coming year.

Love, Debbie


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