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I’m Dreaming of .….

December 13, 2009

White-ChristmasJust about everyone I know could finish that line ~ “…..a White Christmas,” of course. For me the holiday classic “White Christmas” is not only my all-time favorite holiday movie, it is my favorite movie of all time.

DebbieBingI have watched this movie since I was a kid and every year since. I recall that every year when Christmas was approaching, I would study the TV Guide to find out when it would be on ~ back then it only aired one time per year and I didn’t want to miss it ~ ever. It just wasn’t Christmas for me without seeing that movie.

4girlsI now own two copies because I don’t want to be without an emergency back up (just in case) and the soundtrack is playing in my car all month long (I long since memorized every word to every song). It is kind of ironic that I had never seen my favorite movie in a theater or on the big screen – but I got to do that for the first time ever this year.

Bing Crosby grew up in Spokane and went to Gonzaga University. A few years back they renamed one of our beautiful restored theaters, The Bing Crosby Theater, and started doing an annual Holiday Festival culminating in a showing of White Christmas. For me, it was a Christmas dream come true…..

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Why do I always cry when it finally snows??? This is one of my all time favorites too! :)

Posted by: Kristen | Dec 15, 2009 8:27:19 PM

Deb, I love that picture of you and Bing! What a great couple!

Posted by: Stormi | Dec 19, 2009 10:18:54 AM

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