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Can I get your Recipe?

August 30, 2009 in Crafts, Creativity, Quilting, Recipes

Quilt Whenever I make my (almost) Homemade Salsa, I get yummy responses and inquiries about my recipe. I almost prefer they don’t ask me, because then I have to reveal my shortcut, cheater secret and they realize it’s not exactly homemade.

Salsa The cheating part is that you start with a jar of your favorite prepared salsa (or whatever is on sale!)

Chop up and add fresh avocado, tomatoes and cilantro. (In my opinion, all that chopping qualifies this recipe as almost homemade) Squeeze the juice from a fresh lime and stir. Lime is the secret ingredient that makes it taste fresh and tangy and keeps the avocado from turning brown. Now don’t let anyone spill on your new Salsa Tablecloth!


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Back to the Lake

August 26, 2009 in Crafts, Creativity, Quilting

DebbieNapSack This is the time of year when they are shoving Back to School down our throats and all we want to do is spend more time at the lake! So instead of filling a back pack full of school supplies, I think I’ll fill my Nap Sack with sunscreen, bug spray, a water bottle, a juicy novel, and a comfy quilt to sit on and head out to the lake one more time.

We’ll love fall when it’s here, but it’s still August – let’s enjoy the end of our summer!

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Garden of Inspiration

August 22, 2009 in Crafts, Creativity, Gardening, Staff

Garden-window ChairGetOut
When it comes to decorating her garden, our Jackie can never have too much cool and cute stuff.

I recently visited her garden and just had to share some photos with you. 


Most of us don't have the time or energy to keep up with her ferocious drive when it comes to keeping up the garden, but we certainly can enjoy looking at it and feel that great vibration of creative inspiration just under our skin. Hey, that's just as good as dirt under our nails anyway.

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Best Movie I’ve Seen in Ages

August 17, 2009 in Books, Food and Drink, Movies, Television

Julia-child-with-rolling-pins Julia After seeing the movie, Julie & Julia this weekend, I have decided that I have a new role model in Julia Child. In fact I’ve been walking around the house saying “Bon Appetit!” in a very high pitched voice followed by a little chortle. Just that in itself seems to elevate my mood. Amy I may even decide to start wearing pearls. The movie was probably the most charming and inspiring piece of film that I have seen in some time. Not to mention, it was laugh out loud funny throughout. Meryl Streep just keeps getting better and better – in fact the entire cast was entirely engaging. (that Amy Adams is a doll!) I will see this one again and again. So, if you haven’t seen it yet, (in my humble opinion) - it’s a must-see!


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Patio Party Lanterns

August 13, 2009 in Crafts, Creativity, Decorating

Lanterns Lori (who is new in our office) brought us a fun, easy project idea that you can make with balloons, tissue paper and a battery operated tea light. This is a fun one to do with kids, because they love everything about balloons. The application of the tissue paper is free form, so anything goes. If you’re having any kind of theme party, you can tear strips of the coordinating napkins (instead of tissue paper) to glue onto your balloons.

Supply List:
Round Balloons
White and Printed Tissue Paper
Decoupage Medium
LED Battery-Operated Tea Lights
20 Gauge Craft Wire
Foil Tape or Duct Tape
Shallow Bowl
Small Sharp Scissors

  1. Blow up one balloon for each lantern desired and tie end. Tear white tissue paper into 1” X 6” strips and set aside. Tear printed and/or colored tissue paper into 1” x 6” strips and set aside.
  2. Pour decoupage into shallow bowl and roll balloon in decoupage. Using white tissue, layer tissue strips onto balloon, applying more decoupage with your hands as needed to moisten tissue and cover balloon with overlapping white tissue strips. This is the under layer of the lantern—white will reflect more light. Add several more white strips at the top of the balloon to strengthen it for hanging. 
  3. DSC_9569When all surfaces are covered with white, use the same procedure to layer printed tissue over the white.
  4. If desired, decoupage colored tissue strips on the lantern in a pattern or randomly as an accent. Place lanterns in a warm, dry spot and allow to dry thoroughly.
  5. When lantern is dry and hard, pop balloon and referring to photo as a guide, use a small sharp scissors to cut a circular opening at the base of lantern. Use a large nail or ice pick to poke a hole in the top of lantern.
  6. Using about 18” of 20 gauge craft wire, form a holder for battery-operated tea light as shown. Secure wire to edges of tea light with foil tape or small piece of duct tape. Thread wire through hole in top of lantern and form into a hook for hanging. For best effect, battery-operated tea light should hang in the lower quarter of lantern, but should not be seen from outside. DO NOT USE CANDLES IN THESE LANTERNS—FIRE HAZARD.
  7. Hang lanterns in trees or from wooden structures.

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The World’s Gone MAD

August 8, 2009 in Family, Friendship, Television

 WorldsGoneMad I know I have anyway. The countdown in underway on my calendar for the Premiere of Mad Men’s Season Three and it’s only one week away!  If you’re a Mad Men Fan (like I obviously am), be sure to set your DVR, TiVo, VCR (or whatever) to AMC, Sunday, August 16 at 10:00pm.

Mad-men-season3-hed Murphy, Anna and I have already made plans for our Premiere Party. We’ll make a 60’s meal – I’m thinking a Tuna Casserole dish and maybe I’ll try one of the Old Fashions that Don Draper is always drinking. However, we have all agreed that there will be no chain smoking! If you have Comcast, you can catch up right now on all the Season Two episodes on On Demand.

DebbieAvatar Or, you may need to call in sick on Monday, August 10 to watch the all-day Mad Med Marathon on AMC.

For even more fun go to this link

I did it and turned it into my screensaver while I count down the days to August 16. Go Mad!

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Perfect Picnic Cloth

August 6, 2009 in Crafts, Creativity, Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores, Quilting


Pear-PerfectionTableCloth Around here if you want to have a picnic, you’ll need to do it before noon or after dark or you and your meal may melt from the heat. But maybe it’s perfect conditions if the air conditioning is cranked to stitch up this beautiful tablecloth. A simple plaid in the center that is bordered with strip pieced squares set on point is a classic look that will dress up any gathering whether you’re inside or out.


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Aug 2 is National Friendship Day

August 2, 2009 in Crafts, Creativity, Friendship, Scrapbooking

Cards What a way to make her day – spontaneously send a card in the mail just to let her know how much you value her friendship, to reminisce about a recent adventure, how you can always count on her to laugh out loud at your silly jokes, appreciate how she has helped you and listened to you during your last emotional crisis, and that you look forward to fun times in the future.  It’s not her birthday, so you’ll catch her by surprise.  Try your hand at one of these sweet & easy-to-make friendship card ideas.


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