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Put a Little "Spring" in your Step!

February 26, 2009 in Crafts, Creativity, Quilting, Well-Being

At this time of year, those intermittent sunny days are a welcome reminder that spring has to come eventually. On days when the sun doesn't shine, here are some ways to put a little "Spring" into your step.

A 1. Wear some flashy jewelry. The other day I wore chandelier earrings to work—even though my ears drooped, my spirits lifted.

B 2. Make cupcakes and share with co-workers. Before last week, the last time I made cupcakes my son was in grade school. Besides having goodies to share at the office, I had a fun trip down memory lane.

C 3. Buy yourself flowers. Mandie brought in a beautiful bouquet of Gerbera daisies and tulips for our monthly luncheon today. I vowed to buy myself some flowers on the way home. 

DWalker 4. Visit a greenhouse or conservatory. We have a beautiful free conservatory at one of our parks here in Spokane. What a great way to get your fill of blooming greenery and oxygen-rich air.

E 5. Rearrange accessories in your house. I love to move vases, pictures, pillows, and other accessories around. I've had my post-Christmas décor for six weeks now—time for a change!

B 6. Make a dangler to hang outdoors. This fast little project gives me the chance to combine beading, painting, and some scrapbooking on a project that I can complete in an hour or two. I love to make danglers for friends in their favorite colors and themes.

C 7. Watch a lively and warm movie! A couple of fun ones are Under the Tuscan Sun or Mama Mia with all its great music and sunny Greek scenery. This is definitely not the time to watch Dr. Zhivago!

D 8. Feed the birds. You may not get immediate payoff, but in a few days, when the birds are enjoying your generosity, you'll get a great dose of chirping!

A 9. Work on a spring quilt. Combining all those pretty colors and spending time sewing is a sure-fire way to lift the spirits.

E 10. On the warmest part of Saturday, get outside and go for a walk. Invite a friend to join you and discuss all your ideas for sunny vacations. Send me ways that you put a little "spring" in your step and I'll pass them along.

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What great ideals!! I love to begin the day with a song I know or make up one as I go. It seems to bring a peace that goes with me all day. Thanks for sharing!! Blessings, rilda *U*

Posted by: Rilda Peel | Feb 27, 2009 8:32:14 AM

Oh I love cupcakes...I think everyone should eat one once a week!!! On my site my handle is cupcake diva! lol

Posted by: Tilda | Mar 11, 2009 1:29:25 PM

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