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January 22, 2009 in Crafts, Creativity, Quilting

That’s the cute name of one our new fabric collections (available at Jo-Ann’s and BlueAll breeds enjoy a day out at the Doggie Spa to have her nails filed, a shampoo and fluffing or just a little TLC! (wait a minute – that’s sounds pretty good to me too) Pink This cotton assortment comes in pink or blue combined with chocolate brown and tans. You’ll find a few cozy flannels in the pink color story too. If you need a little project inspiration – consider a new sofa blankie for the family pooch or it may be time to recover the dog bed cushion. But, doggone it, this fabric isn’t just for canines! Flannel These fabrics would be darling in a baby quilt, as laundry room curtains or a patchwork totebag. And don’t forget how scrumptiously soft a pair of jammie pants would feel made out of one of the flannels. (by the way, they wash up beautifully)

Wouldn't it be just the coolest if the official White House Seamstress could get her hands on this line and made something special for Sasha and Malia's new pup?!

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Hi Debbie, i am seeing alot of pink with chocolate these days, but your's is by far the "cuter" one--i am more of a cat fan--but those puppies look so cute and cuddly!!!! and i may have to get some of the pink fannel for a nightgown or pj's--like you said--yummy!!

Posted by: Diane C. | Jan 24, 2009 3:58:50 PM

Love the pics - too cute! Are the 'vitabones' real? Never heard of them and I have had dogs (yes, plural at a time!) for years! I will bet this fabric sells quickly - must go check it out.
Happy almost February!

Posted by: diana | Jan 25, 2009 4:29:31 AM

Diana - Yes, the Vitabones are real - but sorry to say I don't remember where we got them. They made a cute prop with our photos. Good luck with your search!

Posted by: Debbie | Feb 5, 2009 11:34:27 AM

I'm new to this blog. Apologize for asking this though, but to OP... Do you know if this can be true; ? it came off Thanks :)

Posted by: Bealseimpeple | Apr 8, 2009 2:35:49 PM

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