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A Special Birthday or Mother’s Day Gift

March 21, 2008 in Crafts, Scrapbooking

It was Kathy’s birthday this week. I put together this little gift basket of goodies for her and the “group” suggested I share it in my blog. So I gave it to Kathy and then immediately took it out of her hands to take a quick photo. I used Scrapbook paper and supplies to decorate this basket full of bathroom luxuries.

Kathyasbdaygift Supplies:
Coordinated assortment of:
Scrapbook paper
Press on letters
Dimensional embellishments
Craft paper
Tissue paper
Rub-on or clear acetate quotes or words
Fancy Soaps
Clear Votive with colored sand
Small Basket

The concept is simple, fun to do and pretty self explanatory by looking at the photo – but I did learn a couple little tips to share with you in case you’re inspired to do the same. I ran all my “parts” through a Xyron machine and hoped that would work to adhere them to these surfaces. However, the papers lifted off the glass surface. (bummer) It needed a little extra strong glue to make it adhere! Also, I had to command it to “Stay!” I also made the mistake of buying a round bottle of lotion and thought I could wrap a band of paper around the bottle. This one lifted too. Sigh……….But I found with a flat sided lotion bottle and (yippee!) I could make that work. A lot of times the fancy soaps come in fancy wrappers that don’t coordinate with your colors. I covered the bars in craft paper before layering the coordinating papers on them. When I was out shopping, I only found sayings that I liked in acetate – but if you can find rub-on’s – they would be much easier to work with.

Hopefully with these tips, you’ll avoid some of the mistakes I made and reach success in time to put together a special birthday or Mother’s Day gift.

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Awesome looking gift! Colors are very yummy!

Just as an FYI to get the paper to adhere to bottles, try the Large 3D Glue dots, they're really strong and they remind me of that flexible glue they used on premade gift packages that you can peel off.

Posted by: Tilda | Mar 27, 2008 7:32:15 AM

Tilda - Thanks for the tip!

Posted by: Debbie | Mar 28, 2008 11:30:55 AM

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