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A.I. is back!

February 25, 2008 in Television

10_2 The void in my life is being filled again. The sad part of that is the void is being filled with Simon's cynicism and devilish grins, Randy's flip "street-talk," and Paula's mysterious analogies. But somehow, I'm still "hooked." At least when we're at the point in the show now where we get to watch people who can actually sing. (past173301_2 the painful auditions) Even though the judges make me crazy and the contestants are subjected to humiliation courtesy of Simon's whims - I still watch - and now in High Def! You can read the pain on their faces when it's Simon's turn to pass judgment - I get so nervous for them. And I actually yelled at Simon through my TV screen last week when he told the kid who got the boot that he shouldn't pursue a music career. Talk about kicking someone when they're down and then mak e him sing through his devastation. I can  imagine former contestants forming support groups for Post Traumatic American Idol Syndrome. (a new disorder is in the making)
29115_5 But the biggest contest in the world is back on and I once again am fulfilled on some level that was missing during the show's hiatus. 
I haven't got all their names down yet and don't have all my favorites determined (it can change from week to week!) - but pretty soon they will be household names and will provide satisfying Watercooler fodder at the office. 
I will say that the 17 year old kid named David charmed me with his first performance. Oh, and the hottie from Australia certainly got my attention. 
Let the games begin!

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Over here in Australia we even got to see him perform on the 6pm news, he certainly is a hotty all right!

Posted by: Maddy | Mar 8, 2008 12:30:00 PM

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